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Basic Ladder Safety

This course is ideal for people that use steps, and straight ladders as part of there duties.

Ladder accidents occur frequently in industry. Ladder accidents usualy result from faulty care or improper use of the ladder and not from manufacturing deficiencies, in most cases ladder accidents are from improper climbing and working from ladders. 

This basic ladder course will give the delegates the understanding of the hazards and risks with working with ladders, it also focuses on the responsibilities of a ladder inspection and safety register

This course is ideal for delegates that use ladders in their normal duties, it will provide the basic knowledge they need to carry out work using a ladder in a safe manner with understanding of the culture.

The course programme

  • Introduction
  • Benefits of Ladder Safety
  • Selection of Ladders
  • The Five Basic Materials
  • Hazards Encountered
  • Using Ladders
  • Responsibilities
  • Maintenance of Ladders
  • Inspection of Ladders
  • Building a Ladder Register
  • Exam

Objectives of the course

  • To provide delegates with an understanding of the current statutory duties regarding the use of ladders at work.
  • To provide guidance on the safe use, storage, maintenance and inspection of ladders.
  • To enable delegates to understand the requirements and benefits of maintaining a ladder register. 


On completion of the course delegates will undergo an examination via a written test paper and undergo a workshop on the use of ladders. 

The Course is around 2 hours in length 

Please see price list for current charges per delegate or for the course to be carried out at your site.

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