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PUWER Training Course 

The hazardous nature of many types of work equipment, particularly machinery, means that unless the risks they present are properly controlled, serious injuries or fatalities are likely to result.

Many types of work equipment, particularly complex machinery, have made significant contributions to productivity and efficiency in industry. However, the hazardous nature of much of this equipment has caused numerous injuries and deaths. It is clear that the risk presented by work equipment must be carefully assessed and controlled, otherwise accidents are likely to result and particularly where machinery is involved. the consequences of such accidents will often result in serious injuries or fatalities. It is so important to stress to delegates that the good use of equipment means increased productivity and the health and safety is just good business sense.

The course programme:

  • Introduction
  • Control systems
  • Understanding the law on work equipment
  • CE marking
  • Good techniques in practice
  • Video summary
  • Suitability of work equipment 
  • Maintenance and inspections
  • Protection against specified hazards
  • Markings and warnings
  • Mobile work equipment


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