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Risk Assessment Training

Most people are at least aware of the need to carry out “risk assessments”, but the vast majority of companies are faced with the common problems of not knowing how, and not having the resources to fulfil their obligations.

Risk Assessments are one of the key factors to reducing accidents and loss time. Once a risk has been identified then action can begin, steps can be taken to improve the workplace, which will therefore increase production and lower costs.

This course will prepare delegates with a thorough understanding of what is required by law, and how to carry out practical and effective risk assessments, that staff will actually use.

The course is aimed at Companies looking to appoint competent risk assessors. Such people may be selected from all areas of the business, and commonly include:

  • Safety Representatives
  • Health and Safety Officers
  • Department or Line Managers
  • Supervisors

Or any member of the workforce with an interest or particular responsibilities in improving health and safety standards.

No previous training in health and safety is required, although some knowledge and awareness is beneficial.

This is a 1-day course and equals 7 hours CPD, There are three modules and 10 units within the course, all units and modules are compulsory and must be passed for achievement of the ASET Level 2* Award.

  • General Health and Safety - 3 units
  • Risk Assessment part 1 - 4 units
  • Risk Assessment part 2 - 3 units

The Course Programme

The course will cover the following areas in a practical manner with significant delegate involvement throughout:

  • Terminology and definitions of “Risk”, “Hazard”, “Control Measure”, and “Safe”
  • Perceptions of Risk and what influences our values
  • How dangerous a task appears from a Manager’s or Operator’s perspectives
  • Different types of “risk assessment”
  • Introduction to basic H&S legislation giving rise to the need for risk assessment
  • Manual Handling; COSHH; Noise etc
  • Redefining general risk assessments as “Job Safety Analysis”
  • How to write a new assessment and use a current assessment
  • Practical exercises and examples of real life tasks
  • Responsibilities of managers and operators

"Level 2*” Essential Safety is an ASET/EDI Approved Training Centre and has been licensed to deliver this Risk Assessment course and National ASET/EDI Award to Level 2 . Which meets the required levels of: - National Qualification frame (NQF) level 2, NVQ Level 2 and GCSEs Grades A-C. 

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